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Three of us amateurs i.e. Myself Damian Peach, Bruce Kingsley plus supporting family, took two C14's and a C11 to St Phillip, on the east coast of Barbados at 13 Deg. North. We spent almost 3 weeks there, imaging Mars Saturn Jupiter, the Moon and Venus.

Seeing ranged from good to superb. We had quite a lot of cloud, the edges of which totally blasted the seeing. Although once a few degrees from the clouds the stable seeing returned. In spite of this and the constant wind, excellent stuff was recorded during our nightly 10hr imaging sessions.

The night time temperature was a luxurious 78F with 78% RH. Sometimes the clarity was superb, with the Milky Way through Scorpio often mistaken for a cloud. Once our work was done on Jupiter, deep sky objects filled the eyepieces of the C14s.

Images from the trip will appear on here over the next few months. Click on the links below to see the images.

General Pictures

Jupiter Images
Saturn Images
Lunar Images