Dave Tyler's Astrophotography
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Equipment through the ages! Click on the images below to see a full-sized version
Dave 1975 with a 15.5 inch Newt in GRP
over wooden framed tube.
Dave 1976 same mirror in open tube also
with George With mirrored 8 3/8" inch f12.
Dome first built in 1978. Note the hair and flairs! 12 foot dome as it is today 2005
C-14 in the dome, 2005 C-14 in the dome, 2005
Dome with the same George With f12 scope
webcamming, 2004. see Jupiter image on Home page
The Sky at Night Mars Night.
Richard McKim, Me, Sir Patrick Moore, Martin Mobberley and Damian Peach. Selsey, October 2005.
Me and the C-11 along side a 6 inch MK67 The C-14 showing recently installed Parallax tube mounting rings.