Dave Tyler's Astrophotography
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19th April 2006: This shot of the Appenine mountain range shows Hadley Rill quite nicely. Apollo 15 landed here on 30 July 1971. 20th April 2006: Alphonsus is a large, famous crater near the center of the lunar nearside and is about 120km across. The Ranger 9 probe impacted in Alphonsus crater in March 1965, a short distance to the northeast of the central peak.
12th April 2006: Crater Babbage 12th April 2006: Crater Helivius.
12th April 2006: Crater Pythagaros 15th April 2006: Crater Langranus
21st April 2006: Crater Clavius  
9th April 2006: Crater Birt and the straight wall. 19th April 2006: The Hadley Rill
12th April 2006: Aristarchus, Herodotus and Vallis Schroteri. The bright impact crater Aristarchus is 40km in diameter.  
19th April 2006: Aristillus is a prominent lunar impact crater that lies in the lunar mare at the southeast of Mare Imbrium. The crater impact created a ray system that extends for a distance of over 600 kilometers. Aristillus is about 55km across.