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28th March 2007
Good seeing conditions gave beautiful views of two prominences and an active region. The prominence at the top shows particularly fine detail.

12th March 2007

This image has quite an array of different types of prominences, all lined up for inspection.

60mm stop on 3.5inch f19 for f30 Daystar 0.6A ATM


1st March 2007

Click on the image below to see a 38 frame animation from 0920 ut to 1043 ut.
You can also right-click on the image and choose 'Save target as...' to save the animation, which is 1.8 Mb in size.

Clouds interupted the latter stages, so the frames are a bit more spaced out but things happen faster. It started as a loop, which started to collapse. It recovered, over did it and started to spiral, It then lost it completely with a spectacular finish, a detailed image of which is also shown below.