Recent Images - Solar May 2009
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Developments in Active Region from the 10th May
Date:11th May 2009 10:50ut
Telescope:Solarsmax telescope 60DS .5A with straight BF , and 2,5x powermate
Camera:Lumenera 075M
A very large spectacular filament developed in the AR
Active Region just onto the solar disc
Date:10th May 2009 07:25ut
Telescope:6 inch f9 Vixen stopped to 4.5 with Daystar ss Hybrid Ha .65A filter
Camera:Lumenera 075M
This new AR carries no NOAA number as it has no sunspots accociated with it.
Date:1st May 2009 11:28ut
Telescope:Vixen 6inch f9, stopped to 4.5 2x powermate and Daystar/solar spectrum hybrid Ha filter
Camera:Lumenera 075M
Here we see a pair of proms' on the Western limb
Broccoli Prominence Animation
Date:2nd May 2009
Telescope:6inch f9 Vixen stopped to 4.5 inches
Camera:Lumenera 075M
This animation is over a real time of 13 minutes centered around 10:50ut. There are 13 frames. Each of the individual 13 frames in the animation, are made from a short 1000 frame 16 second movie clip, from which 200 of the best frames are aligned,stacked and sharpened. Atmospheric "seeing" has an effect on each of the 16 second movies, that were taken at 1 minute intervals.
Hot Broccoli
Date:2nd May 2009 10:50ut 2009
Telescope:6 inch Vixen stopped to 4.5 inches. Daystar /Solar spectrum Hybryd Ha filter
Camera:Lumenera 075M
During this quiet solar spell, a spectacular prominence such as this was a very welcome sight on setting up the scope at around 0900ut. The top section started collapsing around 12:30ut