Recent Images - Solar February 2009/2
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Proms on the South Estern limb
Date:27th February 2009 12:34ut
Telescope:Solarsmax 60 filter set with straight BF, fitted to the TMB 80mm scope with 4x powermate for a focal length of 2400mm
Camera:Lumenera 075M
These two Proms "overlap" those from the last image, and were taken with the 60mm aperture "up front" Solarmax filter stopping down the 80mm aperture of the TMB
Prominences on the South Eastern limb
Date:27th February 2009 12:19ut
Telescope:TMB80mm with Daystar ATM .6A Ha filter
Camera:Lumenera 075M
This image was taken with a different telescope to the rest on this day, and used an effective focal length of 2400mm
Wide-field image of the AR plus the solar limb
Date:27th February 2009 10:47ut
Telescope:Solarsmax telescope 60DS with straight BF
Camera:Lumenera 075M
This wide field image taken with a 2,5x powermate in the above scope, really shows the sun as a sphere.