Recent Images - Saturn January 2005
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Saturn The Opposition Effect Movie
Date:13th Jan 2005 22:54ut
Telescope:C11 @ f30
Camera:ATIK mono
This is a WMV file from the original AVI, taken with the green filter from the RGB set. the frames were stacked in Registax, as were the other two channels to produce the final image on this page. CLICK the box to play the movie.Note how bright the rings are compared to the globe. The clip will open in Windows Media Player
Saturn Opposition 2005
Date:13th January 2005 22:28 ut
Telescope:C11 SCT
Camera:ATK mono
Taken in excellent seeing we see Saturn showing the "opposition effect" where the rings dramatically increase in brightness. This increase is noticable a day before and after oppostion. The planet's globe, actually appears less colourful and dim , compared to normal.