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A Pair of Wood Pigeons at 50yds.
Date: 28-August-2011
Lens: TMB 80mm telescope 620mmfl
Camera: Canon D20A
Taken with the telescope in the earlier picture
Red Kite
Date: 20-June-2011
Lens: 70-210 AF NIKKOR ZOOM
Camera: Nikon D70S
Imaged flying over my garden in Flackwell Heath Bucks
TMB 80mm Scope
Date: 31-Aug-2011
Lens: 18-55 AF-s Nikkor DX
Camera: Nikon D40
This is a shot of the 620mm fl 80mm OD TMB telescope for astronomical use. The Canon EOS 20DA has a 2" Canon bayonet fitting with a screw in IR blocker, as the DA ie A for astro, has not got an IR blocker so that it is more effective for astro photography. The mount is my own home made alt az on a Cooke, Troughton & Simms surveyors tripod.
Goldfinch at 50yds
Date: 28-Aug-2011
Lens: TMB 80mmx 620mm astroscope f7.8
Camera: Canon D20A plus IR blocker on T mount
This little feller sat a spell posed a bit and went off. Just for me.
A young Blue-tit just getting his colours.
Date: 25-July-2011
Lens: AF Nikkor 70-210 @f8
Camera: Nikon D70S
I was sitting at my patio table about 12 feet away, and this little chap was quite happy to put up with the fill in flash.
Red Kite over my garden
Date: 15-March 2010
Lens: AF Nikkor 70-210 zoom
Camera: Nikon D70S
A red kite in classic pose scanning for food.